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          Clear Sector Expertise.

          We are renowned for our clear sector expertise in office, industrial and community sites.

          Our focus on three core areas benefits our clients in terms of cost, quality and keeping to strict deadlines.



          This Merseyside project involved rectifying exterior design defects to brickwork around the windows. Our team worked during the very early morning and early evening to minimise disruption to staff.

          Northern Quarter

          Four tenders were submitted for this refurbishment project and were rejected due to cost. Construction Solutions heard about this and submitted an alternative proposal. Our proposal met the project objectives within the allocated budget of £80k and was accepted. Value engineering is something we get involved in regularly.



          This is another of our industrial shed new builds. The project value for this particular one was just over £700k.

          Clayton Court

          The Clayton Court contract demonstrates a successful, low budget dilapidations project. With a budget of around £40k, we were tasked with completing this project in just over two weeks.


          Disability Stockport

          Disability Stockport asked us to build an extension to their head office building with a budget of £150k. We welcomed the opportunity to demonstrate our talent for design and build project work.

          Animal Trust

          This conversion of an antiques emporium to a fully operational veterinary surgery was completed in nine weeks with a £400k budget. The team worked 12 hour days and 6 days per week to meet the challenging timescales.

          Why Choose Us?


          Most of our work is awarded to us by surveyors and architects. Because we work with industry professionals, we understand the pressures faced. We pride ourselves on offering proactive support to ensure our partners deliver outstanding levels of service.


          We’re full of good ideas developed from years of experience. Whether this relates to early stage feasibility studies and costs or working on alternative solutions, we will work with you to provide practical and knowledgeable input at our own expense.


          The needs of our clients come first. During many of our previous projects, we have changed our approach and have even changed the hours we work to minimise disruption to our clients.